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Barneys hires civil rights expert, CEO says no customer of store should be accosted by cops

Oct 25, 2013, 06:40 pm CDT


There. You see, it was all a misunderstanding. Once the consultant tells then not to call the police whenever black customers spend money, they will know not to do this again.

OK, back to Barneys now (I've been needing a new ascot, and I understand they got one).

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 26, 7:38 pm CDT

Okay so they call in the specialist to do some image damage control. How many other customers have suffered because of this policy against blacks and other minorities?

All minority communities should be some of the richest on the face of the Earth, if they all employed one simple rule about not shopping at places that do not give them top of the line service, think of all the money their families and communities would save. Next just invest all that money into a steady safe investment and let the Barneys of the world due without their patronage.

By concernedcitizen on 2013 10 27, 8:31 am CDT

I think that would be a self-perpetuating spiral. U.S. businesses probably won't spend money to attract customers who require top-notch customer service. The normal business model seems to be budgeting and training for mediocre customer service, and pricing to serve whatever customer base that provides.

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 27, 7:16 pm CDT

I doubt that Barney's has a racial prejudice problem. Their problem is one of class prejudice.

By W.R.T. on 2013 10 28, 5:10 am CDT

Possibly the class of people who aren't pale enough to suit them.

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 28, 12:19 pm CDT

You'd think a purple dinosaur would be more open-minded about people of color.

By NoleLaw on 2013 10 28, 3:04 pm CDT

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