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Boulder DA on JonBenet Ramsey case: I don’t know if I would have refused to prosecute

Oct 28, 2013, 01:22 pm CDT


Let the sleeping dog lie... Not sure what they did to help the murder or if justice will ever be served in this case. You would think for a legal article they would put in more details and less gossip.

By mike on 2013 10 28, 2:48 pm CDT

The DA at the time did the right thing in not prosecuting this ridiculous indictment. What they're not saying is that the "person" they were alleged to have helped was 9 year old Burke. This is what happens when cops and prosecutors dream up theories to compensate for lack of evidence and then try to make a case. There was no evidence the parents killed Jon Benet despite the cops insinuating they knew they had, and no evidence that it was 9 year old Burke, so they combined their theories to get a compromise on how to convict the parents.

The cops in Salt Lake bungled the Elizabeth Smart case and focused on the parents too for awhile and ignored many leads that would have recovered her. Jon Benet is the same. No one seriously investigated the people involved in those pageants, the photographers, judges, other parents, who could have formed an obsession with her. Because the prejudice that it must be the parents is so strong it's like a religion.

By Santana on 2013 10 28, 5:02 pm CDT

I can't imagine the torture of losing your child, facing unproven suspicion of murdering her, losing your wife without her name being cleared, and then reliving it all over again in 2013. Enough is enough, law enforcement. I wish you'd concern yourself more with enforcing the law and less with engaging in gossip.

By Jaded on 2013 10 29, 3:59 am CDT

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