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Breaking the cycle of violence against women is a key to ending human trafficking, activists say

Feb 9, 2013, 01:31 am CST


"Without efforts to deal effectively with that problem, suggest Ramos, trafficking in women and girls continues to be a lucrative criminal activity that feeds a seemingly insatiable market."

Yeah, but maybe the problems really are more the "lucrative" and "insatiable market" parts. Sex sells, and we have brilliantly made prostitution as criminal as trafficking in many of the states (and of course, at the federal level, crossing a state line with prostitutes is criminal even if the travel is completely voluntary). The key here is to legalize and regulate prostitution. Once the traffickers have to compete with licensed, legitimized sex workers, their market share will soon fall to the point that the risk/reward calculus no longer works for them. This is simply a matter of suspending our overbusy moralism and picking our battles to focus attention on the segments of the sex trade where the true victimization occurs.

By B. McLeod on 2013 02 09, 7:28 pm CST

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By anonymous on 2013 02 10, 5:18 pm CST

wrong. The only think that will stop the trafficking of women for the sex trade is the legalization, and regulation of prostitution. No one will go see an illegal prostitute if the can see a leal, and licensed one.

By david on 2013 02 10, 9:02 pm CST

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