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Cops Find Firearms in NY Lawyer’s Home; He Says Many Guns Don’t Work, All of His Were Bought Legally

Nov 12, 2012, 11:58 pm CST


Yeah, I'm thinking he still has a pretty substantial problem with the sawed-off shotgun. A federal one, if they decide to come calling. And maybe he didn't realize states can have their own registration laws, and/or that New York is not Mississippi. Finally, if he wanted a side gig working on guns, he should have changed his name from "Cutler" to "Smith."

By B. McLeod on 2012 11 13, 2:14 am CST

"The search reportedly turned up multiple weapons, including an AK-47, seven banana clips loaded with more than 200 rounds for the firearm, a sawed-off shotgun, multiple handguns, a speed loader and other equipment and ammunition ..."

Where does he think he lives, Texas?!?!?

By TMJ on 2012 11 13, 3:31 am CST

Maybe he's getting ready for Doomsday!

Seems to me a search before a warrant is as good as no search at all. Or can a valid search be made in NY on an accuser's word and ignore the court?

By Dawn Mat on 2012 11 13, 4:17 pm CST

I am going to assume that this article is factually accurate -- a huge leap faith, I know, but bear with me here.

If the police had such good probable cause to search Mr. Cutler's home after HE called them to calm down the obstreperous brother... pray tell... why did they feel the need to run around later and get an after-the-fact warrant? Hmm... There's no reason to do that unless even the police think this search is very iffy.

No. 1 above has a good point about the sawed off shotgun, which is illegal under Federal law if the barrel is less than 16 inches long. But, is it less than 16 inches? The article doesn't say. And would an unlawful local police search also taint the Feds' later efforts? Beats me...

By SavannahGuy on 2012 11 13, 6:30 pm CST

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