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Penn State GC’s testimony says ex-president tried to cover up Sandusky scandal

Dec 20, 2013, 07:45 pm CST


Graham Spanier wants desperately to get the charges dropped on a technicality, but he's using a very smelly red herring to draw attention away from the fact that he lied to the Penn State BOT, he lied to investigators, he lied to Baldwin, and he lied to the grand jury. Nothing then or now indicates that Spanier would have told the truth at the grand jury session no matter who provided legal representation. And how could Baldwin advise him if Spanier had not been truthful with her in the first place? She did the right thing and did her job of protecting Penn State legally rather than participating in a (alleged) criminal conspiracy to hide Sandusky's rapes.

By Barry Roberts Greer on 2013 12 21, 12:29 am CST

The writer seems not to know very much about this case, perhaps dashing this off without doing any research. First of all, the "scandal" did not "unfold at Penn State University". The first report was from a victim at a high school in another county, and most of the crimes did NOT occur on University property. I'm so sorry that Victor forgot to put his "legal hat" on and instead relies on reports from two publications who have not done a very good job of explaining the very complex legal matter at stake here. I wonder if Victor even knows that the Grand Jury Judge that allowed Cynthia Baldwin into the Grand Jury illegally admitted he made an error and has been relieved of his duties as a GJ Judge???

By Nellie R on 2013 12 23, 1:57 pm CST

The story confuses different incidents and makes a mess of the facts. The only issue regarding these three defendants is whether they lied about knowing about and covered up two incidents that did occur in the showers at Penn State. To say they covered up "the scandal" when we know there were many more children than those two abused implies they lied to cover up incidents they had nothing to do with.

By Santana on 2013 12 24, 1:48 am CST

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