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Dealing with the Costs of Incivility in the Legal Profession

Dec 21, 2012, 10:18 pm CST


That photo is Adamius, isn't it?

By B. McLeod on 2012 12 23, 4:48 am CST

The attack on lawyers is unrelenting!

By Peter C. Lomtevas on 2012 12 23, 12:17 pm CST

Wow. This is outrageous. We see Attorneys who TRULY go beyond a "lack of civility" and violations of free speech, particularly in court, committing known frauds upon courts, and in court-related matters. Nothing happens to them.

Yet, they wrongfully persecute this Attorney, who was clearly diligently representing his CLIENTS. Why? Because an opposing side didn't "like" what he probably was accurately pointing out? This is absurd- while civility in our profession needs to be addressed, this is a horrible example of people, and the Judiciary, failing to address it, and putting this poor attorney through a bunch of bull, for no reason, and this attorney's absolutely right. He has freedom of speech, he didn't use profanity, he made no threats or improper communications, if I were his client, I'd want the exact same, given the small amount of info. given about his case... Whatever Judge or Judges who did this ought to be made an example of, suspended, or removed from the bench, period. Not this Attorney who clearly stated the truth or his opinion of it, for his CLIENT who is the person or entity HIS duties are towards fist and foremost, with their permission and encouragement, sorry if the person he calls without a brain, clearly is, without one, and doesn't "like" being called out for it... Absurd, and my heart goes out to this Attorney, and his clients...

By lawyer on 2012 12 24, 2:18 am CST

I just switched states for family reasons and the attorneys in this state are complete ~!@#$ when it comes to civility compared to where I came from. Everything is personal to them.

By tim17 on 2012 12 24, 2:41 pm CST

The magazine cover shows two white guys in suits glaring at each other. The illustration above shows a white guy in a suit glowering petulantly at the camera. When there's something positive to write about lawyers, on the other hand, the ABA always uses pictures of racial and gender diversity.

The ABA is really obvious and irritating in promoting its agenda.

By Wine Country Dude on 2012 12 25, 6:49 pm CST

The court's admonition to the bar will have zero effect, precisely because the example of this lawyer's behavior is so over the top. It's off the charts even compared to the kind of behavior we see among the rudest lawyers.

Judges like to say that they want civility upheld. But if you actually bring it to their attention- such as calling the court about rude behavior at a deposition, or other discourteous actions by counsel- most judges are more likely to do nothing and snap at you for bothering them. Most of them would say, "you are bringing me what- a rude letter somebody wrote you? Grow up, I don't want to hear it!" At which point the offender would just feel "vindicated."

The courts are just not going to help, so I don't know of a good solution to this problem, other than work extra-hard not to let the bad lawyers throw me off my game. Time spent letting them get you mad is time wasted. But that's sure easier to say than to practice!

By Tim on 2012 12 26, 11:55 pm CST

I'm no theologian. Nor, I suspect, are South Carolina's justices. So how do they know that this guy wasn't factually accurate?

By AndytheLawyer on 2012 12 27, 10:05 pm CST

This guy's blatant anti-paganism should be offensive to every human being.

By Not a Pagan on 2012 12 30, 7:15 pm CST

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