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‘De-lawyering’ of problem-solving courts suggested by Delaware chief justice

Feb 11, 2013, 03:43 pm CST


Yes I am sure that clients will be happy to go lobby to give the justice system more money when they just got charged $300 for an hour of work or corporations would be thrilled to lobby for more funding when they just paid outside counsel millions of dollars for work that could have been done for thousands by outsourcing. The problem lies in the inefficient structures that attorneys continue to follow. The billable hour, the excessive law school tuition, the restriction for non-lawyers to purchase shares in law firms, of these practices lead to inefficiency in the practice of law and high rates for the practice of law. Thus way should the public give more money for inefficient systems? Change these practices and suddenly watch how the money starts pouring in, and inefficiency dramatically being reduced.

By legaltruth on 2013 02 11, 10:48 pm CST

De-lawyering is already happening in almost every area of the law, except for government.

By Lee on 2013 02 12, 3:23 pm CST

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