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Do privacy rights end at the brothel door? Judge dismisses taping charges in Zumba case

Jan 28, 2013, 11:30 am CST


The privacy law “does not apply to bordellos, whorehouses and the like," Lilley argued on Thursday. "Those places are to commit crime. There is no expectation to privacy. If there is, it's illusory."

Consensual sex is illegal in Maine? What about drug deals in rest rooms - are they legal to tape under the law?

By Pushkin on 2013 01 28, 12:51 pm CST

It is an old story. Too many crooks spoil the brothel.

By B. McLeod on 2013 01 28, 1:20 pm CST

If someone uses their home for criminal activity on a regular basis, it becomes a "place are to commit crime". Does that mean everyone loses the expectation to privacy there?

By TMJ on 2013 01 28, 1:37 pm CST

I always found fascinating, and confusing to be honest, that the existence of a "reasonable expectation of privacy" appears to be treated more as a question of law than one of fact.

By NoleLaw on 2013 01 28, 2:24 pm CST

With all the hoopla over this case and the high profile Johns, it's not beyond belief that some well-known people are on the tapes and don't want them shown as evidence.

By Fred on 2013 01 28, 3:18 pm CST

Why is it a crime to pay for sex but not a crime to pay for zumba class?

By tim17 on 2013 01 28, 3:45 pm CST

Funny tim17!! It sounds like the studio was trying to get more men in their zumba classes!

By Ha! on 2013 01 28, 4:43 pm CST

I can see a new category of internet porn arising out of this new decision: hidden camera brothel porn.

Beware of cut rate whorehouses. You may turn out to be both the customer and the product.

By James Li on 2013 01 28, 6:18 pm CST

Alas, we legal voyeurs can't tell from the cited newspaper accounts, how it is that the videotaping came to light, much less its motivation. For Mr. Wrong's amusement with his Miss Right? Blackmail?

By Walt Fricke on 2013 01 29, 1:09 am CST

Well, I can tell you they weren't ratted out by the musicians (the few, the happy few, the Band of Brothels).

By B. McLeod on 2013 01 29, 1:23 am CST

Where is the harm ?

By Docile Jim Brady - Columbus OH 43209 on 2013 01 29, 8:29 am CST

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