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Driver is ticketed for speeding 4 times in less than 3 hours

Jan 30, 2013, 08:12 pm CST


In the mid west, triple digit speeds should be the norm.

By Peter C. Lomtevas on 2013 01 31, 12:05 am CST

In situations like this, I'm reminded of a question my Daddy used to ask:

What do you learn the second time a mule kicks you?

The answer of course is: Not a darn thing.

By OKBankLaw on 2013 01 31, 3:44 pm CST

It's always Roeske to be Racine on the interstate. (Apologies to McLeod, but that was low hanging fruit anyway...)

By NoleLaw on 2013 01 31, 4:25 pm CST

Wait - the 49-year-old grandma (!) was barreling through rural Wisconsin at hair-raising speeds - with NO INSURANCE - to get to a DANCE?

We live in a world gone mad. MAD.

By sundevilpeg on 2013 01 31, 8:35 pm CST

With so little regard for the law, she should have her license revoked and go to prison for no less than 6 months.

By al s on 2013 01 31, 11:25 pm CST

I once asked a Colorado highway patrolman what he did with triple digit speeds. Jail was his answer. Minnesota must be more forgiving, or provide officers with less discretion.

By Walt Fricke on 2013 02 04, 6:13 pm CST

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