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Drunken Twitter rants threatening the president can lead to prison time

Jul 3, 2013, 02:12 pm CDT


I think that's the same rule they have always applied to drunken phone rants threatening the president, so it's not surprising. It is probably the better practice to avoid drunken threats against the president in all their various forms.

By B. McLeod on 2013 07 03, 10:46 pm CDT

Does the mailbox rule apply to rescinding threats against the president? If I get drunk, send a letter threatening the president from the post office and then proceed to sober up the next day and get on twitter and write: "@POTUS I'm rescinding threatening offer to kill you, please ignore letter, you're my boy Barack #TooMuchGIn" does that negate the threat before the Secret Service opens the letter?

By Youngster on 2013 07 06, 8:01 pm CDT

Its the same rule applied before and in my opinion it is good to avoid threats against the president in different forms.

By Maya John on 2013 07 08, 1:32 pm CDT

I think putting people in prison for what amounts to stupidity is not a smart move. It wastes resources, such as limited space in prisons, and blurs the line between what is and is not a felony even further.

Better idea would be to fine people for such indiscretions, and use the money to fund public improvements.

By BMF on 2013 07 08, 5:38 pm CDT

IMLO , it is better to refrain from threatening ANY person .

What if a person were to dream of killing any living thing while searching for a Maidenform bra ?

If the person remains silent , then no one else would have knowledge of the dream .

Any dream you can dream , I can dream better ; I can dream any dream better than you .

By Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209 on 2013 07 09, 12:16 am CDT

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By Doodle Dandy on 2013 07 09, 3:40 pm CDT

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