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Hiring at entry level still limited at law firms, NALP survey says

Feb 11, 2013, 07:22 pm CST


Is it really that surprising to see that law firms are now following suit with most of the business sectors in not hiring recent graduates? I would imagine that bankers are telling the lawyers to follow the trend or we won't fund you anymore, or they will just raise their interest rate in light of the greater risk taking on an inexperienced new attorney. Either way, my proposal still has merit. Universities should be granted the opportunity to own and operate law firms so they can take on the training of recent graduates in a university law firm for a limited time, 1-2 years. It would be similar to a residency program at a hospital. Corporate clients would love it and law firms wouldn't have to expense their resources so much in the training of new attorneys. It could also fill in the revenue gap that Law Schools will face with less law student applicants and students.

By legaltruth on 2013 02 11, 10:06 pm CST

It's hilarious that these firms will cheerfully pay a newbie three or four times what they could possibly be worth, but can't hire an extra lawyer they aren't confident they can keep busy.

By B. McLeod on 2013 02 12, 12:38 am CST

Cooleys dean leduc says hiring is up, law school has never been a more solid bet. Check out his posts at the Cooley website - no lie.

By Guest on 2013 02 12, 1:58 am CST

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