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Ex-client in $2.2M law firm chair-collapse case wins reinstatement of ‘substantial’ verdict

Oct 24, 2013, 11:00 pm CDT


This story would benefit from the addition of an illustrative photo.

By Yankee on 2013 10 24, 11:21 pm CDT

If the same plaintiff tripped on the steps as he was leaving the witness chair, could he sue the county?

By KeepPeelingTheOnion on 2013 10 24, 11:33 pm CDT

So every business in Florida now has to "inspect" every piece of furniture every six months in perpetuity?

Maybe we should just replace all furniture with beanbag chairs. Although I'm sure someone would figure out how to injure themselves on one of them as well.

Onion -- Yes, he sure could sue the county.

By DJKA on 2013 10 25, 1:10 pm CDT

Remember folks, if you are hurt for any reason or in any way shape or form, you too can enter the lottery by filing a lawsuit. Who knows, you may become a millionaire!

By Mikey on 2013 10 25, 7:04 pm CDT

No one appreciates the beautiful irony of this case?

By Jaded on 2013 10 27, 12:21 am CDT

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