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Former ABA Journal Editor Who Inspired Lawyers with ‘Transforming Practices’ Dies at Age 56

Dec 10, 2012, 07:39 pm CST


Well done, Deb. Nice tribute.

By Meg Tebo on 2012 12 10, 8:39 pm CST

I am proud to say that I worked with Steve, he may have been soft spoken but he had a magical way of writing. I remember his excitement when he was putting the finishing touches on his book, Transforming Practices. May he rest in peace.

By DaveJendras on 2012 12 11, 12:22 am CST

Everything Steve wrote was thoughtful, eloquent, and inspiring. His cover article on creativity in the ABA Journal and on spirit, values and law in the Practice Management Magazine in the 90's are still fresh and important. Thanks, Steve, for the memories, the laughs, and your caring for the profession, the people who serve it and those are served by it. Thanks especially for your encouragement and role modeling to speak eloquently about what matters any time, anywhere. Many prayers for your family and your huge circle of friends.

By Pat McHenry Sullivan on 2012 12 11, 4:22 am CST

Bought the book when it was first published and it truly was transforming for me. My then-partner thought it was silly. She's no longer my partner and I enjoy my work much more now that I've incorporated things from the book into my practice. Godspeed.

By isolde on 2012 12 11, 2:43 pm CST

Steve was a mentor and friend when I was staff editor of the ABA Law Student Division's Student Lawyer magazine. He reached out to me about the ideas behind Transforming Practices, and we subsequently worked together on a few articles that resonated as much with law students as with lawyers. I appreciated his good ideas and approachable manner, and I will miss him.

By Ira PIlchen on 2012 12 11, 10:18 pm CST

I will always remember Steve, he was such a warm personable person. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Jan and enjoying the fact that we were expecting our first-born together. Steve will be missed.

By Gwen Adams on 2012 12 12, 10:16 pm CST

Steve inspired us all.

By Rew Goodenow on 2012 12 15, 3:33 am CST

I didn't work directly with Steve, but I knew him pretty well. I was a book editor in ABA Publishing for 13 years and our paths sometimes crossed - plus I liked to read his column. I left the ABA in 2000 and hadn't seen Steve since or even heard that he was ill. I was shocked when a colleague sent me a copy of this memorial. How could a man so healthy and vibrant as Steve was be gone at such a young age?

Steve was an extraordinary person, a good man with a vision about how to lead a worthy and productive life that went beyond helping lawyers learn how to conduct their professonal lives. I cannot imagine the pain that his family and co-workers are experiencing. I am very, very sorry he is no longer with us.

By Jane Johnston on 2012 12 17, 9:58 pm CST

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