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Former college sports stars say the NCAA owes them for using their images

Jul 1, 2013, 08:40 am CDT


David v. Goliath.  The NCAA is big business operating under a corporate veil of “amateurism”.
Bogus.  Give the former athletes their due!

By Pocahantas on 2013 06 26, 2:50 pm CDT

This has been a long time coming and I’m with the players 100%.  The NCAA makes millions off these players and their likeness and think they have no responsibility to pay royalties.  The NCAA is a business—call it amateurism if you want but I disagree.  If my blood, sweat and tears is making money then I deserve a piece of that pie.  How many amateurs are going to make it in the NBA with only 40 jobs available—less than 2 players per NBA team.  Making it even worse was the decision to allow the NCAA to recruit 7th graders.  This is nothing more than a slave trade and I’m tired of it.  The recruiting started for me in the 6th grade and the rest is history.  KEEP your scholarships and pay your EMPLOYEES even if they are STARVING STUDENTS because of NCAA greed. :(

By Lighsoutshot on 2013 06 28, 2:55 pm CDT

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