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Icon Experiment Aims to Simplify Website Privacy Policies

Nov 21, 2012, 11:30 am CST


This is a great idea. A lot of people just assume their data and searches are protected they don't realize what is really taking place. These icons would do well if they could figure out a way to put it on websites without draining their manpower

By Joshua Neuman on 2012 11 21, 8:09 pm CST

This will fail just as similar efforts before it have failed (for instance, the attempt to have an automated review status in Platform for Privacy ). Give it up -- We need instead to regulate what sites can do, as for so long as we allow them complete freedom of contract to write their own policies, we'll be unable to make simple assertions like this about what these policies really say.

By Michael on 2012 11 28, 7:11 pm CST


I respect your opinion but I must say I think regulating the Internet is a terrible idea, and can, in my opinion, only lead to bad things. A person should be able to choose whether or not he wants to go on a website, but I do not beleive the government should regulate it. Not only because I want an unregulated Internet but also because of our partly common law legal system we have to always look out how this type of action should, as I've stated before, open doors we had never meant to open

I understand your point though and although it is a good one that many support I will have to respectfully disagree.

By Joshua Neuman on 2012 11 28, 7:23 pm CST

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