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Individuals on no-fly list have due process rights, federal judge rules

Aug 30, 2013, 07:10 pm CDT


Well I guess this comes down to where did they want to travel. If it is domestic I guess the judge could be right... but SCOTUS has held there is not USC protected right to international travel.. I think this ruling may be a bit to broad....

By David on 2013 08 30, 8:00 pm CDT

There is a document called the US Constitution that protects people from the from the Federal gov.

By harry broxk on 2013 08 31, 4:36 am CDT

It appears that Government may 'surprise' someone into the 'stone age' of traveling at any time and at any point. One can get stuck abroad or can't go with family or can't work where travel is required.

There is a sex offenders lists, but there is a process to it and safety concerns. How is that different from no-fly or no-shop or no-talk or no comment or no-court or no-whatever else lists?

By Whatever on 2013 09 01, 10:42 pm CDT

"If the government stands by its decision to keep someone on the no-fly list, the individual can get judicial review but no hearing where evidence is presented."

How generous, a hearing with no evidence.

By Island Attorney on 2013 09 03, 1:24 am CDT

@2 - Yes there is. A shame its enforcers have declined to do their job for the last couple of decades. Unless, of course, you're a corporation, in which case they'll *invent* and enforce rights for you.

Ain't America great?

By Anonymous on 2013 09 03, 1:03 pm CDT

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