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Injured deputy sues 911 caller whose son-in-law was fatally shot by responders

Aug 16, 2013, 08:54 pm CDT


Well I agree with the assessment of this matter. It is more of a courtesy to inform an officer of the possibility of violence, however given the nature of the job it is to be expected that there are very serious risks. And those risks appear to have increased significantly over the years.

However, the public must be able to rely and trust the officers when they call and we can't have the officers going around suing the community members, think what that would do to undermine the trust they have, what little is left and how it would affect the future of people phoning in for help.

Furthermore, I believe that more should be done to keep our officers informed of the new developments and dangers that await them out there, and I believe that far too often that intelligence is not properly fed or up to date and endangers the lives of our law enforcement across America.

By concernedcitizen on 2013 08 18, 7:08 am CDT

hmm.. what am I thinking oh yea 1L torts, I guess his attorney skipped the exception to premises liability called firefighter rule... I will be surprised if the judge allows this to get passed MTD

By David on 2013 08 19, 8:03 pm CDT

Bad idea. Telling 911 that a family member may be violent could likely result in an increased chance of that person being killed by the police. In fact, after a killing, the cops can well cite to the 911 call as further justification for a shooting.

By James Li on 2013 08 19, 8:04 pm CDT

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