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Is Justice Kennedy a ‘cultural dinosaur’? He admits Lady Gaga confusion, but likes law prof blogs

Oct 11, 2013, 12:32 pm CDT


Given the depravity of contemporary American culture, Justice Kennedy should embrace his "dinosaur" status.

If he doesn't like the moniker "dinosaur", Justice Kennedy might try the term "counter cultural" which has a better sound.

By Yankee on 2013 10 11, 2:49 pm CDT

Old folks always bemoan the inevitable change in values and mannerisms from their generation to the next. To describe a younger generation's views as "coarse," as Scalia did a few days ago, or "depraved," as Yankee does above, is to demonstrate one's own narcissistic and ahistoric obliviousness more than to make a comment on proper cultural mores.

By Pushkin on 2013 10 11, 3:10 pm CDT

"Seinfeld" and "Duck Dynasty" count as "culture?" Who knew? I think most of TV is a wasteland, and I'm at least a generation behind Justice Kennedy.

However, having encountered numerous practitioners who seem to have no clue what a legally relevant fact is in pleadings, I'm inclined to agree that the answer to the law school cost issue is addressing cost--not cutting the time spent in study/internships.

By BMF on 2013 10 11, 3:10 pm CDT

Seinfeld ended over 15 years ago, with its final show airing May 14, 1998.

For someone to consider Seinfeld modern popular culture is crazy.

By Tyrone on 2013 10 11, 4:32 pm CDT

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