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White-Collar Crime

Jesse Jackson and his wife tearfully apologize for misusing $750K in campaign funds, both get time

Aug 14, 2013, 05:25 pm CDT


Truth is that these Jackson kids will probably be much better taken care of than most kids of incarcerated parents; they at least have a Grandpa who likely has some money.

By Truth is on 2013 08 14, 7:28 pm CDT

Just par for the course for Illinois public servants. Although as he was an up and coming leading light of liberalism, this one is particularly delicious.

By SlipKid on 2013 08 14, 7:46 pm CDT

What's wrong with the jail sentences? If anything they do seem a little stiff. There's been lighter sentences given for larger amounts of money, much larger amounts stolen by crime groups in this country.

I'm sure it was weighed along with the social good they have done, and hopefully once they get past this they will continue their good social work.

By concernedcitizen on 2013 08 14, 11:56 pm CDT

@3. - "hopefully once they get past this they will continue their good social work. "

I am sure they will as long as there is a buck in it.

By W.R.T. on 2013 08 15, 1:40 am CDT

The Jacksons got what they had coming. Hustlers and thieves the both of them.

By Yankee on 2013 08 15, 1:45 am CDT

But hey, its under "white collar crime," which means it's almost not crime at all, and the justice system really respects the defendants' cleverness in what they did.

By B. McLeod on 2013 08 15, 6:22 am CDT

I should point out as well that you can't really call a Democrat "disgraced" for a simple thing like this. As with Kwame Kilpatrick or Marion Berry, he will be back in office from some Democratic safe district as soon as the details can be arranged.

By B. McLeod on 2013 08 15, 6:27 am CDT

Speaking of convicted politicians, when is Tom DeLay reporting to jail? Wasn't he convicted 5 years ago?

By Moderate Centrist Independent on 2013 08 18, 1:55 am CDT

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