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John Grisham backs release of one of his fans, a Gitmo detainee

Aug 12, 2013, 12:48 pm CDT


America's fascination with celebrity is a mystery to me. Why should John Grisham's opinion, or that of any celebrity, receive more attention or credit than that of any passing stranger?

By W.R.T. on 2013 08 12, 2:01 pm CDT

This is why I don't buy his books anymore. hey John. Why don't you and Mikey Moore pick up the tab on this one if it so simple. You both have oodles of money to do it. Call it your patriotic duty. I didn't think so.

By zekethewonderdog on 2013 08 12, 8:50 pm CDT

It sounds like there is a chance this man is innocent, and if that is the case then it should not matter who brought the case to the publics attention, but that fact that John Grisham is well known it gains a lot more people's interest, before this story the man went unnoticed, it would be nice to see more innocent people released from prisons. One innocent man that gains his freedom back i wouldn't care who brought it to light, look at "Rubin Carter" "The Hurricane" it took "Bob Dylan" and a few others to shine the light on and bring attention to the injustice of a black man who was falsely convicted, and then after years in prison with no Hope he was finally freed. If it takes a Celebrity to help any one innocent man regain his freedom then more power to them, its a shame the Joe Blow can't get the attention of the public to help free an innocent man.

By Eddie B on 2013 08 13, 2:14 am CDT

If zeke were imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, I' m sure he'd be the first to decline celebrities coming to his aid.......NOT!!!!!!

By veritas on 2013 08 18, 2:18 am CDT

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