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Judge indicted; feds say he tried to frame romantic rival for fake crimes

Aug 15, 2013, 07:12 pm CDT


It is a terrible thing when the heart takes charge and the head does not think clearly, well perhaps the Judge wasn't thinking with his heart...but still he does not appear to have been thinking clearly.

And as far as Maynard, I am wondering if he had any affiliation with the Pill Mill that Sheriff Eugene was watching during his lunch time that day.

The matter of security is a very real issue today and has been increasingly growing over the past several years, but given the rise of anti-government groups those who put law enforcement, all government agencies and lawyers in the same boat we need to pay far more attention to our personal safety and security. We have a large growing amount of serious trash in America that wage cowardly wars upon innocent people.

By concernedcitizen on 2013 08 15, 11:15 pm CDT

What if the war is against a tyrannical judge and the disciplinary entities ignore the issues ?

Judge James E. Horton wisely opined that the deliberate injustice is more fatal to the one who imposes it .

By Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209 on 2013 08 15, 11:44 pm CDT

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By Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209 on 2013 08 15, 11:58 pm CDT

Man, what's going on out in Mingo County, WV? What gives?

By Clarkston Legal on 2013 08 16, 10:25 am CDT

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By Eddie B on 2013 08 17, 4:13 am CDT

@4 Clarkston Legal, you should be asking Whats Going On With Our Country??????? What Gives With That??????? Its all about Power and Greed, doesn't matter who gets hurt, from Cash For Kids in PA. To Cash for Little Children 3yrs old on up, if there is profit to be made, there is always someone there who wants there bank account to get a little bit bigger, especially in West Virginia to PA all across this country, Land of the free!!! Children with no "voices" Except in some of the rare times that the FBI steps in and shuts them down, i think that we need a whole lot more FBI to Police this Sick Justice System of ours. The FBI is the only Government Agency that can drop the hammer on all of theses Greedy Power Hungry Judges, DA's, Cops and so on in this sick system that we have, where the only Justice that you do see every now and then is bought and paid for. If you don't have the Money then you are SOL...............

By Eddie B on 2013 08 17, 4:41 am CDT

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