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Lawyer-turned-blogger broke the story on collection of cellphone data; will he be prosecuted?

Jun 7, 2013, 12:49 pm CDT


I won't predict whether or not he'll be prosecuted although I sure hope he isn't.

By Yankee on 2013 06 07, 5:31 pm CDT

Greenwald raises a number of legal issues and I assume that by treading on thin ice he raises his popularity immensely.
1. What is Glenn doing in Brazil and how does that change the issues?
2. Is Glenn a journalist or a lawyer with a lot of time on his hands. If he's a journalist, is he entitled to the idea that jounalists are entitled to protect their sources.
3. Does the First Amendment protect you so you can say anything you want, or does it just protect you when you criticize those in the administration of our government. Daniel Ellsburg did not get prosecuted for publishing top secret documents during the Vietnam era, although the kid who released top secret papers to Wikileaks about our middle eastern activities is being prosecuted.
4. Would you rather be able to freely disclose top secret information about our government's intelligence operations, in which case a lot of people die; or allow our government to keep it's intelligence operations secret, in which case you are not free to disclose it, but a lot of lives are saved.

By davebert on 2013 06 07, 5:57 pm CDT

The NSA isn't saving lives, it is helping the IRS to develop an enemies list of law-abiding American citizens for our government to pursue and harass in order to maintain power. If this administration is so intent on fighting real terrorists, then why did it murder an ambassador to maintain the illusion that we no longer are faced with a terrorist threat?

Our national defense against our true enemies has deteriorated, with its resources redirected toward our government's massive spying activities against its political opponents. The NSA revelation is the tip of the iceberg; if Greenwald is prosecuted, his trial should bring to light every dirty deed and oppressive act that this government has done to hurt our national security in serving its own needs to keep its domestic opposition quashed.

By sunforester on 2013 06 09, 5:40 pm CDT

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