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Lawyer Who Says He Was Scammed Is Sued by Bank Re Fake $299K Cashier’s Check

Nov 19, 2012, 06:03 pm CST


Be on the lookout for contact by foreign "clients". Many post phony websites and claim to need our firm to handle litigation. Often times they will actutally send alleged contracts which are poorly drafted and will contend that an American business ( often legitimate) owes them money so the scam is to get the lawyers all excited about a new case and then a big check arrives and many firms can't wait to see if the check clears and because they don't they get stuck owing the bank when they send check to crooks. We have never reached the point of getting a check since we can spot them. We have been contacted by an alleged Australian manufacturing firm ; A Canadian manufacturing firm (website had an 800 # but left off the last digit! We have received lots of requuests to help supposedly Asian women with support payments - usually are claiming to be from Hong Kong. My favorite one so far was a phony art dealer located outside London that wanted my small firm to assist it in legal work- It website claimed to have supplied art work to a Casino in Las Vegas but it left out the name of the Casino. Right! So be careful brother and sister lawyers. All you have to do with a new client is just be patient and give yourself lots of time to see if check clears,

By Michael Danner on 2012 11 19, 11:04 pm CST

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