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Legal Access Job Corps will be a main priority for the coming year

Sep 1, 2013, 09:50 am CDT


I want to commend Mr. Silkenat for his initiative and for recognizing that the ABA also owes a duty to its members to be a worthwhile organization.  For so long, the ABA has shown little concern about the lack of employment opportunities for its newest members and I am sure such lack of concern will come to effect how the organization is seen in the future and the future support it receives from its own members.

I am happy to see at least one member of the ABA care about this and actually think up creative solutions for the issue.  (Mr. Silkenat’s predecessor acted like the issue didn’t exist.)  I hope to see the Legal Job Corps come to fruition, as so many people go without legal representation why we have so many individuals who are leaving the legal profession because they cannot obtain paid work.  Although it will be too late for me (I left the legal field a few years back after being unable to afford more than a few years of unpaid internships, which the legal field demands today) I see the impact lack of accessibility has on the courts everyday.  It simply is stunning the number of individuals who go to court nowadays with no attorneys representing them because they simply could not afford it.

Kudos to Mr. Silkenat for being able to recognize the issue and, more importantly, for actually trying to do something about it.  Congratulations, Mr. Silkenat, and may your reign at the ABA be a long one!

By Creative Thinking Is Appreciated! on 2013 09 14, 6:30 am CDT

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