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Multiple lawyers admit guilt in mortgage-related criminal cases

Jan 30, 2013, 05:51 pm CST


It would be nice if the abuse of process in fraudclosure court could be stopped....foreclosure mill lawyers file fraudulent, forged documents every day in every state with impugnity. the judiciary protects them. insane.

By usedkarguy on 2013 01 30, 11:45 pm CST

We have this national talent for allowing millions of dollars of fraudulent transactions to take place first and then investigate for years and then imprison a few dolts.

By Peter C. Lomtevas on 2013 01 31, 12:11 am CST

Yep, if you go to jail you get 1 month for each 2.7 million you stole. Many people lined up for that.

By Al S on 2013 02 03, 5:15 pm CST

These lawyers and Banksters are allowed to steal millions of dollars from We The People and then they are allowed to share what they steal with the black robed "judges" who preside over Kangaroo Kourts with their Golden Fringed Flags.

In my case, the judge was so old and senile, he forgot who he was working for and ruled in my favor. The wet note they presented was a blue ink forgery and the Banksters refused to say it was genuine on the record.

By Miguel Grande on 2013 02 04, 4:43 pm CST

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