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‘Show Trials’ Author Advocates for Systemic Changes to Immigration Courts

May 14, 2012, 01:34 pm CDT


Woa. I’m posting a link to this on the AILA Washington Listserve. Good stuff!

By Tom Youngjohn on 2012 05 18, 8:17 pm CDT

When I was a law student I did immigration deportation trials under the suspervision of then INS attorneys.  I handled an Eritrean (the country that broke off from Ehtiopia) female asylum case that was based on her political opinion.  No big deal, pretty routine for the mid 1990s.  In the middle of her testimony she started crying and shaking, then detailing how she was raped in the police station, really detailing what happended. The Judge asked me for closing argument, so I told the Judge it was never raised in her submitted I-589 application and that’s all the ImmigJudge needed - her found her incredible and denied the asylum application.  Unfortunately, the Immigration system is “adversary” when it really should be investigative.  I still feel yicky about that case.

By NotSoStellar LegalMoments on 2012 05 18, 8:55 pm CDT

This is because you have a God given (or evolution given, whatever) conscience.

Be at peace, grasshopper.

Now that judge, well, that judge can just go fantasize about,
whatever Immigration Judge’s fantasize about.

By Tom Youngjohn on 2012 05 18, 9:09 pm CDT

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