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Want to protect individual freedom? Have a strong central government, says ‘Rule of the Clan’ author

Mar 11, 2013, 01:45 pm CDT


There’s an old highland saying, “The king is in London, and a far cry from awe.”

By B. McLeod on 2013 03 15, 6:36 pm CDT

I was in Professor Weiner’s ethics class at Rutgers School of Law.  Most of the students I knew thought he was a great teacher.  He did tend a bit to the theoretical.  Legal history is probably the ideal subject for him.  He has an interesting theory, I look forward to reading his book.

By George Sly on 2013 03 16, 5:14 pm CDT

This was cool, but it makes me wonder if State Bar Associations should get out of the business of regulating US immigration attorneys? Maybe the Executive Office for Immigration Review should step up to the plate?

Why should New Jersey’s Supreme Court set precedent for US immigration attorneys practicing in California, for example, or Washington State?

Enough of this clan mentality. It’s time for Congress to occupy the field of immigration regulation.

By Tom Youngjohn on 2013 03 17, 3:37 am CDT

As civil society in the United States continues to breaks down, and trust in centralized government declines, particularly among the productive class, I full expect that the ties of kinship will grow stronger and more important.

By Yankee on 2013 03 21, 1:10 am CDT

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