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How law firms can use LPOs to their own advantage (podcast with transcript)

Sep 30, 2013, 01:40 pm CDT


It's easy to see how the system works when the lawyer bills by the hour, and the LPO also bills by the hour. How do contingent fee plaintiffs' law firms benefit from LPO's, however? Is the cost of the LPO added to the expenses assessed to the client, or does the law firm absorb the cost of the LPO in its contingent fee?

By JimfromBham on 2013 10 04, 12:19 pm CDT

How long will it be before LSP's began to serve the public directly? They certainly are aware of the success of Legal Zoom, and the many others that are reducing small law's business. And why arn't bar associations defending their member's turf with public relations and advertsing programs calling attention to the added value a lawyer brings to a transaction and the pitfalls that come with the limited representation provided by direct to public LSP's?

By Bob Blumberg on 2013 10 04, 2:07 pm CDT

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