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Proposal to let law students take NY bar after 2 years is worth study, says state’s chief judge

Jan 23, 2013, 07:47 pm CST


This is a good idea. Bar loans can easily cost a newly minted JD another $10-15k after tuition and living costs are taken into account. It would also allow new JDs to secure jobs at firms that might otherwise balk at hiring until the new JD has passed the bar.

The next step is to make the third year optional. If it is as useful as some people say, then I am sure many students will stick around for it. I suspect most will not.

By Island Attorney on 2013 01 23, 10:34 pm CST

The only problem with this is that given the fast rate at which tuition rises, it will only be a matter of a few years before the cost of two years will equal the cost of three years today. Therefore, it won't be much help in keeping law school costs down much.

By This Plan is Missing Something... on 2013 01 24, 6:46 am CST

@2: Even if that were true, it would still be reducing by 1/3 whatever students pay, unless you are saying that cutting that year will itself result in much of the increase in tuition.

By EsqinAustin on 2013 01 24, 2:19 pm CST


True, EsquinAustin. But if rising tuition is not addressed, then whatever students save today will quickly dissipate and therefore we will be back to square one again in 2-3 years. Therefore, it's not a very helpful plan in my eyes, because it only fixes the problem for about 2-3 years before we are back to the same problem we have now - high costs preventing deserving lower and middle income students from entering the legal profession.

Does it really matter if it cuts 1/3 off the cost of law school if rising tuition in the next 2-3 years quickly counterbalances any such reductions and puts the student back in square one, that is, in the square of being unable to go to law school because of such high costs?

By This Plan is Missing Something... on 2013 01 25, 3:03 am CST

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