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U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider whether 35-foot abortion-clinic buffer zone impedes free speech

Jun 25, 2013, 12:20 pm CDT


Is there a Constitutional right to "make eye contact" with an individual or class of individuals that find that contact offensive? I hardly think so. That is not communication; it's harassment.

By W.R.T. on 2013 06 25, 2:15 pm CDT

There would be far fewer protests at abortion clinics if there were as many incidents of protesters being shot by a sniper as there are of medical providers being murdered by anti-abortionists.

By Hit the Mark on 2013 06 25, 4:58 pm CDT

This is all about protecting a women's right to chose to murder her baby with government tax dollars.

By tim17 on 2013 06 25, 5:14 pm CDT


Which part of the appellate court decision in McCullom v. Coakley discussed government funding used for terminating unwanted pregnancies or those which threatened the health of the mother?

By Hit the Mark on 2013 06 26, 2:21 am CDT

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By Hit the Mark on 2013 06 27, 4:41 pm CDT

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