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Obiter Dicta

Situations you thought had vanished may rise to remind you that the law never forgets

Oct 1, 2013, 05:40 am CDT


My version of this story: a couple of years ago I was driving through another state and got a speeding ticket. The court scheduled my trial date but somehow still issued an arrest warrant for me. I hired a lawyer in that state who got the warrant recalled, then the ticket was dismissed when the officer didn’t show up for court. I’ve still got a copy of the paperwork, but in the back of my mind I’m convinced that someone forgot to take the warrant out of their little database and if I’m ever pulled over in that state again, I’ll be hauled to jail.

By Steven on 2013 10 28, 12:58 pm CDT

its like the reel ira in 2002 peace and 2003 ulster peace and then eta peace in 2006 and then the farc rebles peace 20,10 peace but it has been the worst 10 or 12 years in all there historys with 10 millon people dead and all those people missing things come back they always do all the dead fathers and nuns,nans and grandads brothers and sisters rape by toon army and white coller crime is that what you mean it comes back or something else we dont forget do you sell kids for money and putting them on the game for your own proffit and watch what happens when they get hold of you o i forgot what they do so try to remember wont yours love always sean south cant wait love the jails in england so did bobby sand and the rest of them good luck keep raping kids we know who you are lots of money owed by you all

By steven hickey on 2013 10 28, 2:39 pm CDT

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