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Some solos say advertising in the Yellow Pages is still worth it

Oct 1, 2013, 07:20 am CDT


I wonder though if the reason Ms. Payne is not getting clients from the internet is a problem with her site or with optimization.

By Uhrich on 2013 10 18, 3:03 pm CDT

My opinion of the internet for attorneys has two purposes.  The first purpose is for attorneys or lead generators who advertise; and often they just refer the cases to others.  My experience and discussion with attorneys who advertise on the internet (or accept leads) is that it takes a lot to separate the few good cases from the rest of the junk and it only works well on a high volume basis.  Everybody SEO’s or optimizes their site and quite frankly, and most attorney websites look the same. 

The purpose of the internet for attorneys is what most attorneys overlook:  The internet is a low cost brochure for potential clients to research you prior to making the the first phone call. I won’t hire a contractor, go to a restaurant, purchase a TV or see a movie without first performing at least a precursory review on the internet. And without an internet presence, you will likely be skipped over by most potential clients.  I don’t ever expect to get a client from my website; but most of my clients prior to retaining me have read my website and read my client reviews.

By Student loan serf on 2013 10 18, 3:30 pm CDT

I would think it would depend on type of practice, too. An elder law attorney—-with elderly clients—-would likely have more potential clients looking in the phone book than on the internet. Poor people (potential bankruptcy, EEOC, benefits clients) may not have access to the internet, or good internet search skills, but do know how to look up something in the phone book, which they get for free.

By mmm on 2013 10 28, 5:11 pm CDT

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