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State AG backtracks, says he should have investigated whether there was underage drinking at party

Oct 25, 2013, 04:25 pm CDT


The headline is a little misleading, since Gansler now says he made a mistake in not acting as more of a police officer (as your story suggests, albeit somewhat obliquely). Did the person who wrote your headline not read the Sun's follow up story?

By Pushkin on 2013 10 25, 4:55 pm CDT

Seems to me the problem he's dealing with is the idea of hypocrisy - if he's been running his mouth about parents being proactive and taking steps to prevent teenage drinking, it doesn't go over well for his teen to be at a big blow out party (that he attended, briefly) and then say, "oh, well, wasn't my job. I didn't plan it."

By RecentGrad on 2013 10 25, 5:05 pm CDT

This is the third of three embarrassing stories about Gansler published in the last two weeks (ordering police drivers to turn on their sirens to get him through traffic; failure to pay traffic tickets; and now being pictured at an underaged drinking and twerking party). All of the news is old (the drinking party was last June, for example), but it is being leaked now to scuttle Gansler's campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor before it gets underway. He's being thoroughly out campaigned by Anthony Brown, his Lieutenant Governor adversary. Gansler was going to lose the nomination anyway, but it looks like the Brown camp doesn't want to take any chances. It's still early, however, so I expect there are lots of additional revelations to come. You have to love deliberative democracy.

By Pushkin on 2013 10 25, 8:36 pm CDT

But at least the headline is now pdated. You should be proud, Pushki. You are probably the first poster ever to cause a headline here to be pdated.

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 26, 7:32 pm CDT

With creeps like Gansler holding high office in the Old Line State , it is no surprise that the three counties of Western Maryland want to form a separate state. Gansler is just the latest of a long line of misfits that have been elected to statewide office in Maryland.

By Yankee on 2013 10 26, 10:25 pm CDT

That's funny Yankee. The three counties of Western Maryland forming a separate state would be as successful as three high school dropouts forming a college. They'd need interest-free, government guaranteed loans to survive. I take it you've never been in Western Maryland. Though I agree that Gansler is a creep.

McLeod - I was a little surprised they updated the headline, but you noticed I'm sure that they did not say they'd updated it.

By Pushkin on 2013 10 27, 12:51 am CDT

No, they said they "pdated" it (and they don't "pdate" headlines for just anyone).

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 27, 3:12 am CDT

I wondered about that. Do you know what "pdated" means. "Postdated" would have been my guess but that makes no sense. Post what?

By Pushkin on 2013 10 28, 2:23 am CDT

Post comment No. 1, I think. So in this instance, it is as though the "p" is for "Pushkin."

By B. McLeod on 2013 10 28, 3:53 am CDT

LOL Maybe they meant to say "updated" and left out the "u"

By Pushkin on 2013 10 28, 11:53 am CDT

Ahhhhh, Posner and Scalia --- two peas at different ends of the pod.

By charlegman on 2013 10 30, 8:09 pm CDT

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