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2L Glad He’s No Longer a ‘Pariah’ After Syracuse Drops Probe of Satirical Blog

Feb 2, 2011, 12:44 pm CST


Had FIRE not stepped up, threatened a law suit (which was not an idle threat) and brought this whole mess to the attention of the media both nationally and in Syracuse, this kid would have likely been tossed out of school. Satire is satire. It isn't always well done and it isn't always enjoyed it is however protected speech and for a LAW SCHOOL to not only understand that but to punish it speaks volumes. It is clear that Syracuse University, which has taken no action against the people who decided an investigation was wise, buckled under the pressure brought by FIRE and not because it suddenly realized that the constitutional rights of a student were being trampled.

By the way. Having seen the blog and reading it, when did Law Students become so thin skinned and PC? Is this what is entering the profession? Real trial lawyers will eat these kids up in seconds if they don't get a little tougher.

By ThatLawyerdude on 2011 02 02, 1:33 pm CST

ThatLawyerDude @ 1: Several archived issues of the SUCOLitis blog are still searchable. You're right about SU law students being thin-skinned. However, IMHO, the writing would more likely be classed as "juvenalia" than satire.

While blogging may be a free speech issue, as a law student with an interest in blogging, Audaer should have been aware of basic media hazard issues--such as the potential for defamation and invasion of privacy suits. (I'm assuming SU has a half-decent law library.... ) Also, if Audaer was attempting satire rather than a cheap laugh at the expense of others, the least he could have done was to make up a few fake names. If the object of his satire is relevant to most people, it would still have the same effect.

By BMF on 2011 02 02, 7:29 pm CST

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