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How lawyers are mining the information mother lode for pricing, practice tips and predictions

May 1, 2013, 10:20 am CDT


Oh, dear. Maybe the “Terminator” movie will come true after all…
LexisNexis: yeah, we bought a bunch of hard drives and now have a petabyte of storage! We’re the cool guys!... - I will say nothing to that, as I don’t like to insult people.

By Anna Gray on 2013 04 30, 4:46 pm CDT

...and now forum shopping will be even easier to plan!

By SME on 2013 04 30, 7:37 pm CDT

Did the reporter not think it important to tell us whether the “crystal ball” services of big data actually are worth the price?  Any data to indicate whether the twenty-minute correlations-based predictions end up correctly predicting wins/losses?

By Anonime on 2013 05 01, 12:07 am CDT

The value of data is directly proportionate to the accuracy of its collection model. Therefore data collected using standard UTBMS coding is flawed as much as 50% or more due to inaccurate code selection. Bad data in…bad data out.

By Stephen French on 2013 05 01, 8:08 pm CDT

I would like to suggest that the Gold seekers can try their luck in the areas. which are within the jurisdiction of the Mother Lode Field Office, however, that are available for casual prospecting: the South Yuba River, the lower Merced River and the South Fork of the American River.

By stryker hip recall attorney on 2013 05 05, 6:33 pm CDT

Not today, perhaps, but before too long, the big data approach will put to rest the silly argument that hourly billing is necessary because litigation- or transaction costs have too many variables to predict with any useful degree of accuracy.

By Mike O'Horo on 2013 05 22, 3:29 pm CDT

A firm setting its price based on price information reported by this and other firms to a common clearing house (now called a data base),
sounds about two steps removed from a classic price fixing anti-trust cases

if there was still enforcement of anti-trust.

By Me on 2013 05 30, 11:34 am CDT

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