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With $1B fee unpaid, plaintiff lawyer who won $18B enviro case is now pro se against Chevron

May 6, 2013, 08:15 pm CDT


Jesse Jackson must be kicking himself for not thinking of this shake-down.

By Jason on 2013 05 07, 12:27 pm CDT

The shakedown your forbears seem to be very adept in....

By Michael on 2013 05 10, 12:51 pm CDT

What is not reported is that Chevron kicked high and low to have the case tried in Ecuador, rather than the US under the FCPA and Tort Claims Act, having given the venue they wanted in Ecuador, they are now crying foul! Pathetic!

By aj on 2013 05 10, 3:07 pm CDT

Someone needs to review the conduct of the chevron attorneys and file bar complaints

By Todd on 2013 05 10, 3:37 pm CDT

When a lawyer represents himself, isn't the term PRO PER instead of PRO SE?

By With particularity on 2013 05 10, 3:40 pm CDT

Who wouldn't cry foul if the other side was found to bribe the judge?

By Bribes are Foul on 2013 05 10, 4:04 pm CDT

"Isn't there a South American Rule of Civil Procedure that makes bribes to the judge (and any pubic official who will be a witness) mandatory?
It is hard to imagine Chevron could not out-bribe the alleged briber.

By Realist on 2013 05 10, 5:42 pm CDT

Chevron defended itself in Ecuador Lost. Then files slap lawsuits This case has been ongoing in some form since the 70s. The allegations of bribes is on both sides Chevron has used 60 law firms and they can't undermine the actual facts of the case?? This is a groundwater contamination case. That is pretty well documented

By Todd on 2013 05 10, 6:28 pm CDT

I think this case makes Chevron look bad. Not only that, Chevron is making the legal system look bad.

Isn't it an ethics violation to claim a judge has been bribed? I mean, for example, I certainly shouldn’t claim that a Bar Association Hearing Officer (who photographs and sells “nudes” as a hobby) is the lover of an overcharging Disciplinary Counsel, because that would be disparagement of the whole State Bar Association system of lawyer discipline, suggesting that the process is arbitrary, a crony – “who's your buddy” - system of discipline, without legitimacy. And that would be just damning, wouldn’t it?

I'd turn it all over to the Hague, if they'd take it.

What this article should have mentioned, as background, were the contested estimations of environmental damage caused. Or, if no environmental damage was alleged to be caused, what the damages were for, and how they were estimated, and whether Chevron agrees to any liability or not.

By Tom Youngjohn on 2013 05 10, 6:34 pm CDT

Todd, Chevron acquired the lawsuit with the acquisition of Texaco. Texaco had a joint venture with the Ecuadorian national oil company. Texaco withdrew, paid an agreed $40million for clean up and left the country. The national oil company failed to clean up and a bunch of US ambulance chasers brought the suit. It matters not the Chevron wanted to litigate in Ecuador (which as the situs of the alleged pollution makes sense). What matters is the US lawyer subverted the Ecuadorian process which has been amply documented. Go Chevron!

By Go Chevron on 2013 05 10, 9:29 pm CDT

Go C. I was aware of the assumption of the liability. I was not aware of the 40 million settlement with the government. However they did not settle with the tribes so that potential liability existed. It's funny that one greedy entity is somehow better than another group of greedy people. And both have some value in the world. If it wasn't for ambulance chasers cigarettes toxic waste dumps would be the norm. Go Ambulance Chasers

By Todd on 2013 05 10, 10:07 pm CDT

WOW...WOW AND WOW... Love to hear when fraud has been uncovered... Also, I'm a proud ambulance chasing lawyer, extremely proud...

By cblaw on 2013 05 12, 1:14 am CDT

By wraparound on 2013 05 13, 1:25 pm CDT

The sword and shield evolve into intercontinental missiles and unethical disenfranchisements. There should be a myriad of disciplinary hearings after this litigation resolves. Fewer egoist lawyers are desperately needed.

By Blue & Gold on 2013 05 13, 2:35 pm CDT

Interesting discussion with little revelation of the facts. The Ecuadorian government took over the oil company, ran it incompetently, caused great pollution, and now wants Chevron to pay. If you check out Chevron's practices and ethics, you will find a pretty responsible company. You won't find the same if you check out the plaintiffs and their lawyers. Yes, I have a few shares of Chevron stock. Does that mean my remarks about Chevron have no credibility?

By Grumpy on 2013 05 14, 1:37 am CDT

If the facts don't suffice attack the plaintiff and their lawyer. Not even sure how you Jude them. The plaintiffs are tribe members. And what plaintiff has a few bar complaints? Large firms are able to hide their unethical acts and have clients that just take their business elsewhere there is no shortage of unethical and incompetent attorneys in large firms. As for chevron I'm sure they try within a range to be responsible but don't sell the soap here that chevron values the ecosystem over its own self interest that type of crud just doesn't wash

By Todd on 2013 05 14, 1:45 am CDT

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