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Trials & Litigation

Pro se murder defendant found in contempt should be removed as his own counsel, DA says

Apr 21, 2015, 03:15 pm CDT

Consumer Law

Smartwatch makers should fund $1B education campaign about driving dangers, lawyer’s suit says

Apr 21, 2015, 01:35 pm CDT

Education Law

Masked gunman in surprise ‘active shooter’ school drill traumatized teacher, federal lawsuit says

Apr 21, 2015, 11:35 am CDT

U.S. Supreme Court

Prolonging a traffic stop for drug-dog sniff may violate Fourth Amendment, Supreme Court says

Apr 21, 2015, 10:17 am CDT

Bankruptcy Law

Federal judge jails ex-billionaire for contempt until he explains where $13.8M from resort sale went

Apr 21, 2015, 10:10 am CDT

Family Law

Woman shoots husband who entered home in violation of protective order and is herself shot by police

Apr 21, 2015, 10:00 am CDT

Legal Ethics

Alleged patent quotas spur whistleblower suit by fired L’Oreal in-house lawyer

Apr 21, 2015, 08:47 am CDT

Work-Life Balance

Concerned about lifestyle and balance? You probably won’t amount to much in the law, recruiter says

Apr 21, 2015, 08:02 am CDT

Work-Life Balance

Which law firms are most family friendly? Yale Law Women names top 10

Apr 21, 2015, 07:06 am CDT


Diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder helped lawyer rebound from suspension

Apr 21, 2015, 06:15 am CDT

Family Law

Sperm donor didn’t have touted degrees and ‘impressive health history,’ suit says

Apr 21, 2015, 05:45 am CDT

Criminal Justice

Chicago prosecutor will dismiss misdemeanor marijuana cases

Apr 20, 2015, 05:00 pm CDT

Criminal Justice

Utah mom gets up to life in slayings of 6 newborns found in garage

Apr 20, 2015, 04:15 pm CDT

Constitutional Law

Nation’s top court OKs state ban on pedicures by foot-nibbling fish

Apr 20, 2015, 03:15 pm CDT


New BigLaw associates make the most money in NYC, says survey

Apr 20, 2015, 02:45 pm CDT

Civil Procedure

3rd Circuit says feds missed forfeiture deadline, awards gold coins worth $80M to dealer’s heirs

Apr 20, 2015, 12:50 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Podcast: Legal ethics expert Andrew Perlman on a lawyer’s ethical duty of technological competence

Apr 20, 2015, 12:41 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Podcast: Casey Flaherty on his Legal Technology Audit tool

Apr 20, 2015, 12:36 pm CDT

Insurance Law

Don’t participate in employee wellness program? Penalty can’t be too harsh, EEOC says in draft rules

Apr 20, 2015, 12:24 pm CDT

Criminal Justice

Uber driver won’t be charged for shooting alleged gunman

Apr 20, 2015, 11:15 am CDT

Criminal Justice

Trial set to begin for former SS guard charged as accessory to 300,000 murders in World War II

Apr 20, 2015, 10:55 am CDT

U.S. Supreme Court

Gay couple got Colorado marriage license in 1975 but lost deportation case; Kennedy wrote opinion

Apr 20, 2015, 10:43 am CDT

Trials & Litigation

Playboy suit says law firm tried $6M case instead of seeking settlement within insurance limits

Apr 20, 2015, 09:35 am CDT


Flawed FBI hair testimony was widespread in criminal cases before 2000, initial analysis finds

Apr 20, 2015, 09:21 am CDT

Insurance Law

BigLaw partner wasn’t working during commute and isn’t covered by law firm insurance, court rules

Apr 20, 2015, 08:15 am CDT

Criminal Justice

Former Miss Ohio testifies in trial over lawyer’s slaying

Apr 20, 2015, 07:17 am CDT

Family Law

Proposed custody laws encourage equal parenting time for dads and moms

Apr 20, 2015, 06:45 am CDT

Legal Marketing

Bankruptcy lawyer writes open letter to shop owner who vowed to turn away openly gay customers

Apr 20, 2015, 05:45 am CDT

ABA Techshow

Techshow’s ‘60 Sites’ highlight: Glitter revenge?

Apr 18, 2015, 05:09 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Infographics make the complex simple for a jury, presenter says

Apr 18, 2015, 12:50 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Test, teach lawyers tech skills, speakers at Techshow say

Apr 18, 2015, 12:25 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Smartwatches and other wearables can enhance the practice of law, attorneys say

Apr 17, 2015, 05:00 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Automation may dull brain skills, author Nicholas Carr warns Techshow

Apr 17, 2015, 04:04 pm CDT

Constitutional Law

Federal judge nixes evidence from FBI agents who shut off hotel Web service, then posed as repairmen

Apr 17, 2015, 03:15 pm CDT

ABA Techshow

Our 10 favorite #ABATechshow freebies

Apr 17, 2015, 02:33 pm CDT

Trials & Litigation

Reed Smith can’t arbitrate malpractice claim; ex-client, an attorney, didn’t sign required form

Apr 17, 2015, 02:30 pm CDT

Criminal Justice

Attorney was shot to death with own gun; son had psychotic episode, former law partner says

Apr 17, 2015, 01:35 pm CDT

Business of Law

Robins Kaplan to close Atlanta office; firm is ‘working on a transition plan’ for 12 lawyers

Apr 17, 2015, 12:10 pm CDT

Intellectual Property Law

Clothier settles with Eagles singer over ‘Don a Henley and Take It Easy’ ad

Apr 17, 2015, 11:50 am CDT

Constitutional Law

Man sues NYPD, says he was denied seizure medicine even though he was wearing a hospital bracelet

Apr 17, 2015, 11:00 am CDT

Criminal Justice

Court employee’s brownies may have contained pot; two in DA’s office become ill after eating them

Apr 17, 2015, 10:36 am CDT

ABA Techshow

Law firm efficiency starts by carving out time to train, speakers say

Apr 17, 2015, 10:30 am CDT

Legal Ethics

Ex-judge gives up law license after taking plea in federal bribery case over jury verdict

Apr 17, 2015, 10:15 am CDT

White-Collar Crime

Former state supreme court judge mails court-ordered apology letters

Apr 17, 2015, 09:00 am CDT

Internet Law

Business can’t get access to identities of Yelp reviewers in Virginia suit, state high court says

Apr 17, 2015, 07:35 am CDT

Constitutional Law

Suit claims prostitution ban violates constitutional rights

Apr 17, 2015, 06:53 am CDT

Criminal Justice

Man worried about transportation to court is charged with stealing a friend’s car

Apr 17, 2015, 06:15 am CDT

Personal Lives

Lawyer spent $26K of his savings to attend every Knicks game this season

Apr 17, 2015, 05:45 am CDT

ABA Techshow

‘Hire’ LinkedIn for referrals, marketing your firm, lawyers advise

Apr 16, 2015, 04:19 pm CDT


Courthouse workers build nesting box on 5th-floor ledge after peregrine falcon eggs fall off edge

Apr 16, 2015, 04:15 pm CDT

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