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Internet law

Some internet customers may lose service as a result of 6th Circuit decision; FCC won’t appeal

Legal Ethics

Tim Kaine article struggled with ethics of striking jurors based on race, acknowledged he did it

Legal Rebels

Introducing the 2016 Legal Rebels

Real Estate & Property Law

Did one marijuana joint make legal assistant’s home a ‘drug-related nuisance’? This AG thought so

Legal Ethics

ABA brief urges 10th Circuit to apply ethics rule on grand jury subpoenas to federal prosecutors

Legal Rebels Profile

William C. Hubbard: A president presses buttons

Law Practice Management

Hoping for (or dreading) an early retirement? It’s the norm at many UK law firms

Law Practice Management

As Baby Boomer partners retire, law firms face increasing costs and client issues

Tort Law

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says

ABA Know It All

Are you clued in? Take the ABA Journal’s weekly news quiz and prove you know it all

Criminal Justice

Judge cites ‘callous’ crime in sentencing ex-lawyer to life for attack on law firm partner, wife

Law Firms

Telltale signs of a union are confirmed: Andrews Kurth acquires all of Kenyon’s lawyers


Judge says it’s her policy to retroactively sign orders issued by appointed fill-in lawyers

Criminal Justice

Appellate lawyer remembers a 1992 client and wins new trial for woman convicted in lawyer’s murder


Bite-mark expert stands by his testimony, though he can’t recall much about it

Asked and Answered

Is it time to leave your current job? (podcast)


The F-word is making more frequent appearances in appellate opinions


Biography of Posner reveals his childhood nickname and ‘Poze knows’ teen catchphrase

Criminal Justice

Police video shows ex-wife of slain law prof Dan Markel reacting to news of his shooting

Ross Prize for Legal Short Fiction

Massachusetts lawyer wins $3K Ross prize for her fictional story ‘Another Shot’
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