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Legislation & Lobbying

Former governor may lose pension under measure he signed into law

Annual Meeting

Judges reflect on dealing with difficult pro se litigants

Criminal Procedure

Church-slayings suspect Dylann Roof wants to plead guilty in federal hate-crime case, lawyer says

Annual Meeting

Body cams could cut police misconduct complaints

Criminal Justice

Defendant says he’s proud to be a cop-killer in murder trial, threatens to spit on prosecutor

Criminal Justice

Man is acquitted in felony-murder case, but supporter faces charges over Facebook posts

Annual Meeting

How can tensions between minorities and police be addressed? Reforms proposed

Banking Law

New credit union seeking to serve pot businesses sues after an adverse decision

Business of Law

Lawyer in Petrobras cases quits practice, cites concern for ‘security of my family’

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge in Minnesota kicks ‘Deflategate’ case back to NYC counterpart

Aviation & Space Law

Chicago ponders possible drone rules, could require registration and insurance

Law Firms

Gingrich and Dean are now on the same team


Criticized by individual on Twitter, actor James Woods files unusual $10 million defamation suit


No evidence supports claim US magistrate was aware of husband’s affair with probe target, judge says

Privacy Law

Google will fight French bid to extend ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide

Animal Law

Judge denies habeas for chimps, suggests possible change in the future

Human Rights

China cracks down on lawyers said to have ‘sabotaged the legal order’

White Collar Crime

Employee is accused of stealing $50K from law firm during her first weeks on the job

Annual Meeting

How should we regulate the ‘sharing economy’?

Annual Meeting

Commissioners speak on the future of justice on American Indian land