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Law Firms

Baker & McKenzie to open back-office operations center in Belfast

Criminal Justice

Offenders pay fees for probation and even jury trials, an example of ‘poverty capitalism’

U.S. Supreme Court

Rap music scholars aim to educate SCOTUS in threats case

White-Collar Crime

Longtime law library director who gave workers unauthorized county-paid perks gets jail time

Labor & Employment

‘Seismic’ 9th Cir. rulings nix FedEx claim its drivers aren’t employees, could cost company millions

Criminal Justice

Man is charged with 1st-degree murder, accused of shooting panhandler in wheelchair

Constitutional Law

Judge nixes convicted murderer’s request for death penalty

Real Estate & Property Law

Former managing partner embezzled $30M from law firm and affiliated title company, suit says

Question of the Week

What is the top tip you’d share with new lawyers in their first year of practice?

Criminal Justice

Homeless man who accepted award for Miley Cyrus is wanted by police

Injury & Accident Law

Over 100 died from GM ignition-switch issues, survivors claim

In-House Counsel

Is Delaware decision a sensible ‘chip in the attorney-client privilege’?

Criminal Justice

Serial airline stowaway attempter is now in Arizona, where she has been arrested again

Criminal Justice

Judge accused of punching, choking and biting his wife is indicted and put on leave

Criminal Justice

DA promises ‘appropriate action’ after defense lawyer allegedly scuffles with prosecutor

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Ohio lawyer is sentenced to 13 years for sex crimes; jury ‘got it wrong,’ he says

Law Firms

‘Immediate and severe’ action is taken against lawyer for firmwide email condemning gay marriage

Criminal Justice

Gun instructor killed after girl loses control of Uzi; shooting range operated legally, sheriff says


Pacer deletes older case files for four appeals courts; compatibility issues cited

Criminal Justice

Could cops use drones to serve warrants? Or aid rescues? Ideas to be aired at police conference