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Former House Speaker Hastert seeks repayment of hush money

Legal Education

Proposal to tighten ABA bar-pass standards criticized by deans and state bar president

Criminal Justice

Obama commutes 330 more sentences, surpasses total of last 13 presidents combined

Criminal Justice

Top state court tells DAs to review 20,000 cases linked to lab scandal, decide which ones to toss

Legal Technology

Does litigation database belong to law firm or clients? Suit against ex-partners raises the issue

Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon poll: Which caption would you put a ring on?

Second Amendment

7th Circuit strikes down ban on minors at gun ranges; SCOTUS shortlister wrote the opinion

Attorney General

Sessions’ statements suggest big shift in civil rights enforcement

Law Schools

Charlotte School of Law vows to fight Dept. of Ed’s ‘final’ ruling denying student financial aid

Building the 21st Century Law Firm

Ask Daliah: How can a solo find good contract help?

Legal Ethics

Judge withdraws sanctions against DLA Piper lawyers, cites ‘game-changing’ testimony

Legal Ethics

Court upholds $10K sanction for lawyer’s alleged ‘maelstrom of misconduct’ in his divorce

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court appears skeptical of law barring registration of disparaging trademarks

Legal Education

Number of LSAT tests administered jumps nearly 8 percent; is optimism or scheduling the reason?

Law Schools

More law schools should consolidate, writes former dean

Question of the Week

What do you think were the most significant legal actions of the Obama administration?

Tort Law

Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant sues Trump for assault denial

Criminal Justice

Suspended DA calls press conference to deny he committed perjury

Education Law

New ABA task force will consider due process rights in college sexual-misconduct cases

Death Penalty

Obama’s overlooked last-minute commutation lifts death sentence for disabled inmate
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