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FBI manhunt for disbarred attorney publicized after 2010 indictment is unsealed


Photo from FBI
wanted poster.

Disbarred Iowa attorney Dennis Bjorklund can be fast on his feet when avoiding the long arm of the law, once reportedly outrunning a process server, although he did lose a shoe along the way.

But now the former DUI defense attorney–who may still be selling books on the subject online–is being pursued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reports the Associated Press.

A 2010 indictment of the onetime Coralville practitioner was unsealed this week so that the FBI could publicize the manhunt.

Bjorklund, 48, “lies with reckless abandon,” the state supreme court said in a 2006 disbarment order. Among other inappropriate practices, prosecutors contend, he persuaded clients in drunken-driving cases to donate to a substance abuse “charity” whose proceeds went to entities the attorney controlled, the AP article recounts.

The indictment charges Bjorklund with mail and tax fraud, alleging that he duped clients into making charitable donations and underreported his taxable income.

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