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2 Name Partners at 'Robot Robot & Hwang' are Legal Machines

As litigation-mill law firms make news over their controversial high-volume filings in mortgage-foreclosure and debt-collection cases, some satirical observers are wondering whether a group led by robots couldn’t perform legal work even more efficiently than actual lawyers.

At the apocryphal law firm of “Robot Robot & Hwang,” for instance, name partner Apollo Cluster “has processed more than 10 million unique transactions for clients” in merger and acquisition matters and is frequently called upon to speak about “the obsolescence of humans in legal practice,” notes his law firm bio page.

Inspired by innovative thinkers like Lawrence Lessig and Richard Susskind, the firm draws on what it describes as “a rich tradition of nerdery and hacker ethos,” recounts Robert Ambrogi in a discussion of Robot Robot on his LawSites blog.

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