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Are You Ready for an e-Reader & Paperless Briefcase?

In the media and all the social networks is buzz about the Kindle 2,’s popular e-reader and the competition Amazon is facing from Sony and Google.

Most are excited about how easy it is to download multiple books to read on the go. But for lawyers, the big draw may be a paperless briefcase.

Jordan Furlong at Law21 put it this way in his post “The future law book.” He writes that “An RSS-enabled legal e-book would update itself. An authoritative Court of Appeal case at the time of publication might later be overruled by a Supreme Court; within days or even hours, the e-book would automatically change to reflect that … A legal book—be it a casebook, a reporter series, an annotation—would become a constantly self-refreshing authority, truly the latest word in the law.”

So tell us, are you ready to bite the bullet and join the e-reader craze? If so, tell us about your experiences. And if not, what’s your hesitation?

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