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Around the Blawgosphere: Google+ Tested by Bloggers; Which Headlines Will Make ‘SVU’?

Posted Jul 1, 2011 8:52 AM CDT
By Sarah Mui

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Will Google+ Supplant Facebook?

A few law bloggers managed to score invites and field test Google+, the company's new Facebook-style social network—and most liked what they saw. "Google+ appears to be promising that you can gradate access/permissions/exposure by placing your peeps in different 'circles,' " Seattle practitioner William Carleton wrote at Counselor @ Law. "I hesitated at how to categorize some folks, but soon enough I saw I could create and name my own custom 'circles' (take that, Facebook)."

St. Petersburg, Fla., solo Rick Georges wrote at FutureLawyer that he'd already separated his friends and fellow attorneys into circles. He predicts Google+ will be successful, "as many of us are over Facebook's cavalier attitude towards the privacy and portability of our data."

Techdirt's Mike Masnick is also enthusiastic. "I can't quite explain why or how, but it feels like Facebook, without everything that makes Facebook feel clunky." He also likes its "hangout" feature that allows for easy videoconferencing. But on the other hand, he couldn't figure out how to feed his Techdirt and Twitter posts into his profile and is also skeptical about the social networking population being willing to jump to Google+ en masse: "I think plenty of people feel a level of fatigue around the idea of starting up with another social network (even if Google makes it easy)."

Which Stories Scream SVU Episode?

The blog of Washington, D.C., sex crimes prosecutor and novelist Allison Leotta, The Prime-Time Crime Review, is dedicated to critiquing each episode of this season’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on the basis of what the show got right and wrong from a legal perspective. Because Leotta knows that the show's plots are often ripped from the headlines (plus, with SVU on summer vacation, there's nothing to recap) this week she's trying to handicap which news stories from this recent "busy season for men behaving badly" will make their way into an SVU episode. Where does she see potential? The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former IMF official accused of sexually assaulting a maid, is first on her list. "SVU pretty much has to cover this one, right?" Leotta writes. Check out Wednesday's post to see the other four.

Juvenile-Administered Justice

At 4:30 p.m. every Thursday, Baltimore teens meet at the intersection of North Avenue and Harford Road to settle disputes. This is Baltimore City Teen Court, where students volunteer as bailiffs, clerks, jurors and attorneys while a lawyer volunteer serves as the judge. "As an attorney, the entire experience is fascinating," Baltimore practitioner Michael Siri wrote at Generation J.D. "Every participant takes each facet of the proceedings seriously. The youth offender does admit his or her guilt and is willing to be accountable for his or her actions. Further, the determination by the volunteer teen jury is both thoughtful and practical, as the youth offender will suffer actual consequences."


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