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As Public Criticism Grows, 'Too Distracting' Banker Retains Gloria Allred

An attractive New York banker who sparked a media frenzy by suing her former employer for allegedly firing her because she was “too distracting” in a business suit and high heels hasn’t fared well lately in the court of public opinion.

A years-old video clip in which Debrahlee Lorenzana extols the benefits of plastic surgery has made her the target of considerable criticism, following news that she filed a discrimination suit contending Citibank unfairly fired her because she is attractive and female. And now even a representative of her former employer has joined in the critique, not only saying that Lorenzana’s work merited her dismissal but noting that “just because she’s saying she was too hot doesn’t mean it’s so,” the New York Post reports.

A column in the Post yesterday provides more details and pulls no punches in recapping unfavorable opinions of the plaintiff.

But Lorenzana appears well-equipped to defend herself in the ongoing fray, having retained celebrity counsel Gloria Allred, according to the newspaper. She is also now represented by a New York lawyer, Mariann Meier Wang, who tells the Post its column yesterday was “extremely unfair and inappropriate.”

Lorenzana, a 33-year-old single mom from Queens, has “suffered discrimination and very real retaliation,” Wang said.

Lorenzana was originally represented by attorney Jack Tuckner. He did not return the newspaper’s messages and has been “conspicuously absent,” as the Post puts it, from his client’s recent media appearances.

The lawsuit is now expected to be resolved by arbitration, as is reportedly provided for in the plaintiff’s employment agreement with Citibank.

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