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'Best software developer in the building' is fired after boss learns he outsourced work to China

An unidentified software developer was fired after his boss learned he routinely spent his work day on Internet activities, having outsourced all of his duties to a Chinese consulting firm.

There was no issue with the quality of the man’s work; he was regularly rated as “the best software developer in the building,” explains a Security Blog post by the Verizon Risk Team.

But his company became concerned about a possible security breach when it realized that a Chinese company was interacting with its network. After a review of electronic records showed what was going on, he was given the ax, the Daily Mail reports.

The employee had set up similar arrangements involving multiple companies, enabling him to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while paying the Chinese consulting firm only about $50,000, the article notes.

In addition to updating his social media accounts, the man reportedly spent a lot of his face time at work watching cat videos.

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