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Boy, 11, Charged with Felony over Alleged Pencil Attack in Math Class

A math class dispute among middle-schoolers in upstate New York led to a felony charge against an 11-year-old boy after he allegedly attacked with a sharp pencil a classmate who had annoyed him with offers of help.

The unidentified suspect in the Sauquoit Valley Middle School incident was charged with felony attempted assault and misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon, according to New Hartford police. He was also suspended, reports the Associated Press.

The subject of the attack was treated by a school nurse for a scratch.

In New York City last week, a 12-year-old girl was arrested and cuffed after getting caught doodling on her desk in erasable marker. She was detained for a few hours and released.

Updated Feb. 11 to include prior coverage.

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