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'Caddyshack' gopher techniques make appearance in Florida appellate opinion

A Florida appellate opinion is getting some attention because of a footnote referencing gopher-killing techniques in the movie Caddyshack.

The Florida case involves a suit by two vendors who lost business in Broward County’s revamped transit program. The court includes a discussion of government contract law and an opinion involving a vendor providing rodent control to the Navy, at a cost of $500 for each visit. As it turned out, the Navy needed rodent-control services to remove gophers from only six housing projects, work that typically cost much less than $500. A cheaper company was hired.

Above the Law notes the Caddyshack reference, contained in footnote 5, commenting on the Navy’s determination that gopher removal costs less than $500.

“While the court’s finding is generally true,” the footnote says, “it should be noted that there are instances where gopher removal may be costly, particularly when animal-shaped C4 explosives are required. See Caddyshack (Orion Pictures 1980) (chronicling groundskeeper Carl Spackler’s extensive attempts to exterminate agopher, resulting in the destruction of Bushwood Country Club).”

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