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Defense Attorney, Unlike Prosecutor, Was Publicly Arrested and Jailed in False Testimony Case

When a top drug prosecutor in Detroit was accused of engineering testimony in a cocaine case, she stayed on the job for months, with pay. The criminal justice system did eventually catch up with her, years after questions were raised, but at that point she took an early retirement and avoided handcuffs by arranging a voluntary surrender.

By contrast, a criminal defense attorney accused of conspiring with his client in a Wayne County capital murder case to get witnesses to perjure themselves was arrested in open court this week as the trial was about to begin and jailed overnight. Legal experts are questioning the apparent disparity in the treatment of then-prosecutor Karen Plants and attorney David Dunn, reports the Detroit Free Press.

While the accusations against Dunn are very serious, there is no apparent reason why he had to be publicly humiliated in this manner, observers say.

“We’ve got to stand up because all we want is equal treatment for him,” attorney Lillian Diallo told the newspaper.

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