Question of the Week

Do you friend on Facebook or follow on Twitter people you’ve never met or ever expect to meet?

Last week, we posted a poll asking readers about their criteria as far as who they choose to follow on Twitter and who they will friend on Facebook, since we know many people have not met all of their Facebook friends or “tweeps” in the physical plane. At the time that we posted this question, just over half of readers indicated that they only interact on these social media with people they’ve met in person; a smaller percentage had more lenient standards for Twitter than Facebook.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Do you friend on Facebook or follow on Twitter people you’ve never met or ever expect to meet? If you’re open to social media engagement with a stranger, what common ground do you have to share? Where do you draw the line? What’s your personal philosophy? We’ll also take your thoughts on how you approach LinkedIn.

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answers (a Justice Clarence Thomas hat trick):

Posted by ultralitigator: “Ran into Justice Thomas at a barbecue about 10 years ago. Ended up talking about powerlifting. He liked lifting weights and could put up some decent numbers. Heck of a nice guy.”

Posted by RRybolt: “I had the pleasure of lunching with Clarence Thomas when he was the head of the EEOC during the Reagan administration. He was putting a good face on the president’s re-election campaign. I was not a big Reagan fan at the time but found Mr. Thomas to be absolutely charming, friendly, down-to-earth and a delight to converse with. I found myself wishing that Clarence was running for president instead of Mr. Reagan.”

Posted by faddking: “No personal encounter, but a former boss of mine said he came across Justice Thomas in an ATM vestibule and was dismayed to discover that the justice was utterly befuddled as to how to use the ATM to deposit a check.”

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