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Do you have a favorite signature cocktail recipe you'd like to share?


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We’re stepping away from law practice topics this week having learned that this Thursday marks National Martini Day.

This made us wonder:

Do you enjoy a mojito on Mondays? Or are you more a whiskey sour on Wednesdays? Do you have a unique drink recipe that all of your colleagues beg for at office gatherings, or a signature drink you always serve? Share your special concoction with us, and we may decide to feature it in a book. The ABA Journal has its own staff entry, of course: The “Mens Rea”—the guilty mind.

If you would like to submit your recipe (or recipes) with or without alcohol, please include:

• Your first name and last initial.

• The full recipe: drink name, ingredients, type of glass or other specific supplies needed, and instructions. Be sure to include how much of each ingredient should be mixed and how many it will serve. Punch recipes welcome!

• State your case before the ABA “bar” in one to two sentences as to why this is a legal libation.

Please post your recipe in the comments.

Fine print: By submitting a recipe, you are acknowledging that you understand our Terms of Use and agree to allow the ABA to reprint your name as submitted and complete recipe in all forms of media at any time. Individual email addresses will not be included.

Read the answers to last week’s question: Have you ever made a regrettable error in a brief? Or seen one? What was it?

Featured answer:

Posted by StephenG: “When I was a law clerk, an associate I was working with misspelled ‘Court of Appeal’ on the cover of an amicus brief my firm filed for the California Medical Association. He was told he would not make partner.”

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Updated on June 19 to add the reference to National Martini Day and remove a reference to ABA Publishing.

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